19: Anthony Molzahn (Aegis Flow)


Anthony Molzahn joins me today on this episode of the Business Connection Project podcast. Anthony is the founder of a startup company called Aegis Flow. Aegis Flow aims to create a marketplace connecting drone pilots with customers needing drone services.

Anthony discusses the future of drones, the drone services marketplace, and the reason why he started Aegis Flow. He also explains the power of Aegis Flow to not only create a centralized marketplace but to enable whole new types of services that don't exist today and solve challenges that will make our world a better place.

One interesting thing about his vision is that he's not only filling a need by creating this business but if it succeeds, he'll also be empowering the small, independent drone operators and opening up the marketplace to them in a way they wouldn't have access to otherwise.

Guest Information

Guest: Anthony Molzahn
Business: Aegis Flow
Email: anthony@pxdbproject.com
Twitter: @pxdb_project





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