14: Dean Vollmer (Priority Payment Systems)


Dean Vollmer joins me today for this episode of the Business Connection Project podcast.

[NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded on November 23, 2016.]

Guest Information

Guest: Dean Vollmer
Business: Priority Payment Systems
Email: ppsgreatplains@cableone.net
Phone: (701) 297-7641
Website: www.prioritypaymentsystemsgp.com





Guest Bio

Dean Vollmer

Dean Vollmer began his career in sales in the insurance industry in the 1970s. A hard-working and dedicated individual, he was awarded “Executive Insurance Man of the Year”, “Manager of the Year” and “500 Units in Three Consecutive Months Club Award”.

Approximately ten years later, he grew his success as he transitioned to the real estate trade. He was presented Coldwell Banker “Rookie of the Year” award and “Cities of Fargo-Moorhead Top 1% Producer”, among other honors.

In October of 1999, Dean entered merchant services. A leader, he quickly established his own merchant services business, Access Merchant Services/Priority Payment Systems Great Plains. He was recognized by his peers in the industry for numerous accomplishments: “President’s Club ISO 5 Years Running”, “5 Consecutive Presidents Clubs” and “Customer Service Award”. Dean consistently receives feedback for being honest, genuine and attentive to his peers and customers.

Dean is the proud owner of Access Merchant Services/Priority Payment Systems Great Plains, a local merchant service operation offering wholesale processing rates and award winning customer services. AMS/PPSGP prides itself on saving merchants $500.00 to $5,000.00 a year. Merchants enjoy using state of the art technology and equipment that suits all unique business needs. Some of the services and equipment include: POS Point of Sale systems supporting a majority of software and virtual terminals, medical/flex and HAS cards, electronic gift cards, ACH debit and credit checking account, EBT food stamps shopping cart API internet-based transactions and ATM equipment, sales and service income program.