11: Josh Christy (Codelation)


Josh Christy joins me for this episode of the Business Connection Project podcast.

Josh and I discuss lessons learned from growing a startup company.

[NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded on October 24, 2016.]

Guest Information

Guest: Josh Christy
Business: Codelation
Email: josh@codelation.com
Phone: (866) 57-CODER (866) 572-6337
Website: www.codelation.com
Website: www.connectlabs.io
Website: www.joshchristy.com





Guest Bio

Josh Christy

Josh Christy is the founder of Codelation, a custom software and technology consultancy located in Fargo,
ND. Codelation is obsessed with developing a better way to create and grow companies that matter.

Josh also co-founded ConnectLabs in 2016.

Josh provides personal mentoring and coaching to select clients to help them grown their businesses. Find out more on Josh's blog at: www.joshchristy.com