9: Brian Meckler (Absolute Marketing Group)


Brian Meckler joins me for this episode of the Business Connection Project podcast.

Brian shares the evolution of Absolute Marketing Group as well as the evolution of marketing as an industry.

[NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded on October 10, 2016.]

Guest Information

Guest: Brian Meckler
Business: Absolute Marketing Group
Email: brian@absolutemg.com
Phone: (701) 478-1111
Website: www.absolutemg.com





Guest Bio

Brian Meckler

Brian is an 18-year veteran of the marketing and advertising business. A co-founder of Absolute Marketing Group, Brian has served as a Marketing Advisor for the agency with a number of high profile clientele. Some of Brian’s clients who have benefitted from his advice and strategies include City of Wahpeton, Matthys Orthopaedics, North Dakota Grain Growers Association, PATH and Seedex. A Fargo, ND native, Brian’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration from North Dakota State University. His business acumen and knowledge of key principles of good business practices are an asset to the agency. Prior to cofounding Absolute Marketing Group, Meckler worked at Forum Communications Company for five years as a display advertising sales representative and also worked at Biometric Verification, Inc. as a product marketing manager.