6: Cindy Cole (Altel)


Cindy Cole joins me for this week's episode of the Business Connection Project podcast.

Cindy and I discuss how passions and values are important inspirations for business and how following them is important to success.

Listen to the podcast to hear Cindy describe her passions and how they lead to the launch of Altel.

It's interesting how common themes arose again and again in Cindy's life and how those themes tie in with her values.

Cindy also has good advice from the lessons she's learned along her journey that every business owner (especially those just starting out) should take to heart.


[NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded on September 22, 2016.]

Guest Information

Guest: Cindy Cole
Business: Altel - Alternative Telecom
Email: cindy@altel.net
Phone: (701) 282-7843 - Fargo
Phone: (701) 746-1409 - Grand Forks
Website: www.altelnet.com





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